Namespace: Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.Plugins
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Parent classes:
Inherits: Progress.Lang.Object
Implements: Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.IBusinessEntityDesignerPlugin

Purpose:Saves an Image (PNG) of the Business Entity Design whenever
the .bedgm file is saved
Description:Stores the Image of the Design Canvas in the same folder
that contains the .bedgm file of the Business Entity
Author(s):Mike Fechner / Consultingwerk Ltd.
Created:Mon May 26 12:27:11 CEST 2014

Top Method Summary
Options Name Purpose
# AfterFileSaveHandler (Object, FileEventArgs) Event handler for the AfterFileSave event of the Controller
# ExportToPicture (Stream, ImageFormat) Exports the Diagram to the picture
+ Shutdown () Shuts down the plugin
+ Startup (dataset, BusinessEntityDatasetController, BusinessEntityDesignerForm, UltraToolbarsManager) Initializes the plugin

Method Detail

PROTECTED AfterFileSaveHandler (Object, FileEventArgs)

Purpose: Event handler for the AfterFileSave event of the Controller

sender Progress.Lang.Object
The reference to the object that raised the event
e Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.Services.FileEventArgs
The FileEventArgs with the data for this event

PROTECTED ExportToPicture (Stream, ImageFormat)

Purpose: Exports the Diagram to the picture

poStream System.IO.Stream
The Stream to export to
poFormat System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat
The image format

PUBLIC Shutdown ()

Purpose: Shuts down the plugin


PUBLIC Startup (dataset, BusinessEntityDatasetController, BusinessEntityDesignerForm, UltraToolbarsManager)

Purpose: Initializes the plugin

dsBusinessEntity DATASET dsBusinessEntity
Business Entity with the Design dataset, called with the BIND keyword
poController Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.Services.BusinessEntityDatasetController
The BusinessEntityDatasetController
poForm Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.UI.BusinessEntityDesignerForm
The main Form of the BusinessEntityDesigner
poToolbar Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.UltraToolbarsManager
The reference to the UltraToolbarsManager used by the BusinessEntityDesigner

ProDataset Detail

ProDataset dsBusinessEntity

Member tables: eBusinessEntity, eDataRelation, eDataRelationProperties, eTable, eField, eFieldProperties, eIndex, eIndexProperties, eTableProperties, eBusinessEntityProperties

Temp-Table Detail

Temp-Table eBusinessEntity

Defined in:

Temp-Table eBusinessEntityProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eDataRelation

Defined in:

Temp-Table eDataRelationProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eField

Defined in:

Temp-Table eFieldProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eIndex

Defined in:

Temp-Table eIndexProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eTable

Defined in:

Temp-Table eTableProperties

Defined in:

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