Namespace: Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.Plugins
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Parent classes:
Inherits: Progress.Lang.Object
Implements: Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.IBusinessEntityDesignerPlugin

Purpose:Business Entity Designer Plugin to create OpenAccess
SDK proxy procedure and Catalog file
Description:Adds a "DataDirect OpenAccess" button to the Ribbon of
the Business Entity Designer Ribbon. This button allows
to generate proxy procedure and catalog descriptions that
allow the use of Business Entities as ODBC data sources
using DataDirect OpenAccess for OpenEdge.
Author(s):Mike Fechner / Consultingwerk Ltd.
Created:Fri Sep 21 20:38:49 CEST 2012

Top Method Summary
Options Name Purpose
# GenerateOpenAccessSdk () Shows the Wizzard to create an OpenAccess SDK Proxy and catalog
+ Shutdown () Shuts down the plugin
+ Startup (dataset, BusinessEntityDatasetController, BusinessEntityDesignerForm, UltraToolbarsManager) Initializes the plugin
# ToolClickHandler (Object, ToolClickEventArgs) Handles the ToolClick event of the Business Entity Designer's UltraToolbarsManager

Top Constructor Summary
Options Name Purpose
+ OpenAccessSdkGeneratorPlugin () Constructor for the OpenAccessSdkGeneratorPlugin class

Method Detail

PROTECTED GenerateOpenAccessSdk ()

Purpose: Shows the Wizzard to create an OpenAccess SDK Proxy and catalog


PUBLIC Shutdown ()

Purpose: Shuts down the plugin


PUBLIC Startup (dataset, BusinessEntityDatasetController, BusinessEntityDesignerForm, UltraToolbarsManager)

Purpose: Initializes the plugin

dsBusinessEntity DATASET dsBusinessEntity
Business Entity with the Design dataset, called with the BIND keyword
poController Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.Services.BusinessEntityDatasetController
The BusinessEntityDatasetController
poForm Consultingwerk.BusinessEntityDesigner.UI.BusinessEntityDesignerForm
The main Form of the BusinessEntityDesigner
poToolbar Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.UltraToolbarsManager
The reference to the UltraToolbarsManager used by the BusinessEntityDesigner

PROTECTED ToolClickHandler (Object, ToolClickEventArgs)

Purpose: Handles the ToolClick event of the Business Entity Designer's

sender System.Object
The reference to the object that raised the event
e Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.ToolClickEventArgs
The ToolClickEventArgs with the data for this event

Constructor Detail

PUBLIC OpenAccessSdkGeneratorPlugin ()

Purpose: Constructor for the OpenAccessSdkGeneratorPlugin class

ProDataset Detail

ProDataset dsBusinessEntity

Member tables: eBusinessEntity, eDataRelation, eDataRelationProperties, eTable, eField, eFieldProperties, eIndex, eIndexProperties, eTableProperties, eBusinessEntityProperties

Temp-Table Detail

Temp-Table eBusinessEntity

Defined in:

Temp-Table eBusinessEntityProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eDataRelation

Defined in:

Temp-Table eDataRelationProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eField

Defined in:

Temp-Table eFieldProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eIndex

Defined in:

Temp-Table eIndexProperties

Defined in:

Temp-Table eTable

Defined in:

Temp-Table eTableProperties

Defined in:

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