System.Exception class (OpenEdge-enhanced)

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)

.NET errors are represented by error objects known as exceptions, and the .NET System.Exception class is the base class for all .NET Exception objects. To enable an ABL application to trap .NET exceptions that are raised from .NET objects, OpenEdge has enhanced System.Exception to implement the Progress.Lang.Error interface. By implementing this interface, most .NET exceptions that are raised in the ABL context can be handled by both traditional and structured ABL error handling constructs in much the same way as ABL errors.

When using structured error handling, you can catch and throw a System.Exception object and consult the same properties and methods as for a Progress.Lang.ProError class.




Exception ( )

Super Class

System.Object class (from the .NET Framework)


Progress.Lang.Error interface

Public Properties

Public Methods

Public Events

This class does not contain events.


See also

PROCESS EVENTS statement, Progress.Lang.Error interface, WAIT-FOR statement (.NET and ABL)