Namespace: Ccs.BusinessLogic
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Parent classes:
Inherits: Progress.Lang.Object
Implemented by: Consultingwerk.OERA.Ccs.GetResultCountResponse

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then Licensee will verify that its Independent Implementation satisfies the
latest version of the Specification Implementation Conditions within ninety
(90) days following Licensor's release thereof.
Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk [2016]
Purpose:Interface for the response of the getResultCount method of the
Author(s):Mike Fechner / Consultingwerk Ltd.
Created:Fri May 27 09:35:55 CEST 2016

Top Property Summary
Options Name Purpose
+ Ccs.BusinessLogic.IGetTableResultCountResponse ResultCounts

Property Detail

PUBLIC Ccs.BusinessLogic.IGetTableResultCountResponse ResultCounts

Returns Ccs.BusinessLogic.IGetTableResultCountResponse

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