Adds a time interval to, or subtracts a time interval from, a DATE, DATETIME, or DATETIME-TZ value, and returns the new value.


ADD-INTERVAL (datetime, interval-amount, interval-unit)
An expression whose value is a DATE, DATETIME, or DATETIME-TZ.
A signed integer (positive or negative) indicating the amount of time you want to add to or subtract from datetime value.
A character constant, or a character expression that evaluates to one of the following time units: ‘years', ‘months', ‘weeks', ‘days', 'hours', ‘minutes', ‘seconds' or ‘milliseconds'. These values are case insensitive and may be singular.


To add or subtract months or years, this function converts the date to Gregorian before adding or subtracting the year or month value. If the result is an invalid date, the function decrements the day part of the date until a valid date is obtained. For example:

See also

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