NoLOBs property

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)

Specifies whether or not the AVM ignores BLOB or CLOB fields while executing the ProBindingSource's Assign( ) method or the CURRENT-CHANGED function. The default value for this property is FALSE.

Data type: LOGICAL

Access: PUBLIC Readable/Writable

Applies to: Progress.Data.BindingSource class

The Assign( ) method and CURRENT-CHANGED function cannot check the current values against the initial values of BLOB or CLOB fields. By default, they raise an error if a row contains a BLOB or CLOB field. If the data source has BLOB or CLOB fields, you must set NoLOBs to TRUE to prevent this error.

If another user did change a LOB field since you read the record, the assignment might not be appropriate. You get no warning of this with NoLOBs set to TRUE. Therefore, before setting NoLOBs to TRUE, you must understand the nature of your data and be sure that setting this flag will not result in inconsistent or out-of-date data in the database.

See also

Assign( ) method (Progress.Data.BindingSource), CURRENT-CHANGED function