FIRST-OBJECT attribute

The object reference for the first class instance in the list of all valid ABL and .NET class instances created in the current ABL session. If there are no class instances in the current session, this attribute returns the Unknown value (?).

Data type: Progress.Lang.Object

Access: Read-only

Applies to: SESSION system handle

Once you get the first object reference in the list, you can use the NEXT-SIBLING property in the Progress.Lang.Object class to get the next entry in the list of ABL and .NET object references.

There are two points worth noting about this attribute with garbage collection enabled:

Note: To obtain the first .NET form or ABL FormProxy object in the list of all valid form objects created in the current ABL session, use the FIRST-FORM attribute.

See also

FIRST-FORM attribute, LAST-OBJECT attribute, NEXT-SIBLING property, Progress.Lang.Object class